From small parties to county fair soundstages, from weddings to corporate events, from intimate spaces to open fields, we have the experience and equipment you need for your event. 


John is your ultimate sound technician when it comes to making your voice heard. He has the knowledge and tools to mic and monitor an entire six-piece rock band on an outdoor stage or a single presenter in an enclosed theatre.

For musicians we can provide monitors, mains, subs, vocal and drum mics, and recording services.

For speaking engagements we have handheld wireless and wired microphones, headsets, and lavaliers with body packs.

Pricing starts at $50 set up fee per location and $30 per hour during your event. Pricing scales according your needs.

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Cindy will be your host and provide everything you need for a full karaoke show.


With over 25,000 unique titles in our library and accounts with three of the largest karaoke providers in North America and Europe, POETS can provide almost any karaoke song currently released for use in the United States. 

Your karaoke host does not need to take a break during the show, so there's never any lag in the fun.

Pricing starts at $50 set up fee per location and $50 per hour during the show and scales based upon your needs. To book economical entertainment for you and your guests, call Cindy at (906) 285-2634.


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​