Karaoke. Because it's a lot cheaper than therapy.



I'm Mama Dots (AKA Cindy). I became an emcee and karaoke junkie in 1993 when I started hosting a friend's show part-time. I used the income from my theatre arts teaching job to support my addiction to collecting karaoke music. 


In 2003 I decided to put my growing library to good use, and with the help of my husband John (a lifelong professional musician and light/sound man) built a pro-quality sound system and started hosting my own karaoke shows. 


The name POETS? It comes from the informal gatherings my fellow teachers and I had each Friday at a local pub. We called them our "Piss On Everything; Tomorrow's Saturday" meetings, or "POETS" for short.


By 2006 I made karaoke my full-time job. And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

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